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Research Interests

Social Philosophy

My primary research interests lie in social philosophy. I focus specifically on community relationships. My current work considers the following questions:

  • What sets communities apart from other kinds of social groups -- and why would such a distinction matter in the first place?

  • What kinds of conditions must obtain in order for communities to develop and persist over time?

  • Is it possible to form meaningful community relationships with individuals whom we have never met?


Feminist Philosophy

Much of my work is based in feminist epistemology and feminist conceptions of autonomy. Some of the specific questions that I find compelling are as follows:

  • Can choices made as concessions to patriarchy be considered autonomous?

  • How must we define autonomy in order to secure the possibility of autonomous decision-making for women under patriarchy?

  • How has the Western philosophical tradition, with its emphasis on reason and rationality, undermined the possibility of a feminist account of autonomy?


"Philosophy & Friendship," invited talk in the University of Kentucky "Philosophy and Modern Life" speaker series, January 2023.

Papers (click to view)

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