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Teaching: Experience & Resources

My goal in the classroom is a simple one: to make philosophy relevant for each of my students, regardless of the professional path they choose to pursue. To achieve this goal, I organize all of my courses around two central concepts:

Applicability & Accessibility.

I believe that philosophy has a host of benefits to offer students from all walks of life. For this reason, my pedagogy focuses on applying philosophical ideas to real-world situations. In every course I teach, one goal is always the same: for my students to walk away knowing that our course content is relevant to their own life.

One critical part of making philosophy relevant to diverse student populations is making sure that the course design itself is accessible to all. For me, accessibility is a guiding element of my course design that informs every decision I make. I have found that when a course is designed with specific attention to accessibility needs, all students benefit—regardless of their ability status.

You can read more about how I implement these guiding concepts in my Teaching Statement.

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